Image by Dorian Mongel


Tarmac fades with time. 

Trident has the answer. 

Filling holes and restoring colour to lifeless tarmac? We've got you covered.

Moss is the enemy of stone surfaces. Small roots bore down and damage the tarmac, while ultraviolet rays bleach and fade the colour. Over the years, this causes Tarmac to break up and become unsightly. We use a specific process to clean, repair and restore your tarmac driveway, no matter what state it is in.  Scroll down to see a number of examples of Tarmac Restoration!

Tarmac Cleaning

We use an industrial-grade pressure washing system to clean Tarmac effectively. Specialised equipment is used to spread the pressure and prevent damage to the surface.

Pot Hole Repair

Holes and cracks will get worse over time if left unchecked. We can fill and level these gaps. Give us a call today and let us take this difficult task off your hands.

Tarmac Restoration

We use an anti-weed compound to bring back the colour of your tarmac drive. This also acts as a sealer, preventing oil and petrol from staining the surface!